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  • Lisa Shearin
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  • 19 March 2020
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characters Con Conjure è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Lisa Shearin ¶ 5 characters Lin thief and her ex fiancé an elven assassin are after her To survive she'll need the help of her notorious criminal fami. Rating 30Genre FantasyScience FictionReviewCon Conjure is the fifth installment in the Raine Benares series by Lisa Shearin Raine Benares is a seeker who finds lost things and people She is also attached pretty much against her will to the evil soul stealing empire destroying rock called the Saghred The Saghred has taken her magical abilities from mediocre to monstrous and a person who is now considered a threat Some say that she has power than those that are members of the Seat of Twelve Not something she willingly signed up for She has over the course of three months helped defeat Sarad Nukpana who later escapes and is still a threat a Demon ueen who wanted her King back Elven assassins Goblin assassins while somehow managing to capture the fancy of Mychael Eiliesor who is Paladin and Commander of the Conclave Guardians He is also one of the strongest spellsinger s around and a member of the Black Cats a secret organization that answers only to the Elven ueenRaine has a slew of enemies that either want to kill her or use her against her will to start a war between the goblins and elves People like Taltek Balmorlan Magus Carnades Silvanus and Sarad Nukpana are head and shoulders the most dangerous people she faces They all want to possess the power of the rock for themselves They however are not the only ones There are also traitors among the Conclave Guardians Conclave Sorcerers elven intelligence and of course Sathrik Mal Salin the goblin king who wants nothing than to kill each and every elf he can findI enjoyed the addition of Mago Benares who is a banker on the Isle of D Mai His suggestion of a con against Carnades and Balmorlan was perfectly thought out Naturally he is also a Benares and they are the most notorious criminal family in the seven kingdoms Her cousin Phaelin is wanted for all sorts of crimes including piracy It s sometimes becomes repetitive to hear about how notorious this family is But they all seem to stand together against anything that comes their wayRaine is finding it harder to not use the magic and power she has been given by the Saghred This is especially true when demons come calling or fire mages attempt to kill her and those she is trying to protect The only uestion remaining after this story is whether or not she actually has lost her power thanks to being stuck in a prison cell with magic eliminating chains by BalmorlanNegatives The continuation of the Sarad Nukpana storyline has finally got under my skin view spoiler Yes he now holds the Saghred but his assassin failed to capture Raine and bringing her to him hide spoiler

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Con Conjure

characters Con Conjure è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Lisa Shearin ¶ 5 characters Limited power has bonded to her the goblin king and the elves have wanted to possess its magic themselves Which means a gob. Dammit Phaelan this is why we can t have nice things

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characters Con Conjure è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Lisa Shearin ¶ 5 characters Raine Benares is a seeker who finds lost things and people Ever since the Saghred a soul stealing stone that's given her un. Well I love this series so I was super psyched to read this one and it didn t disappoint I was actually relieved to see less teenagers in this one there was way of Raine s other relatives in here and super great baddies so it was a nice change of pace And Mychael was yummy as ever appreciate the fact that she didn t overdo the romancey things there was juuuuust enoughSetup for 6 is really good I just want some Tam in the next one and life will be UBER excellent