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  • Broken Wings
  • Katica Locke
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  • 08 May 2020
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Free read í Broken Wings And faeries Status CompleteWord count approx 1723. I really enjoyed this long fantasy romp The Allyrawood University setting was interesting especially shrouded in fog as it was Also the characters there and the many forms of were people and fairies was funIt s a good erotic light read with lots going onI would have given it 5 stars 45 rounded up were it not for the crying need for an edit

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Free read í Broken Wings Jakil LeMae arrives at Alyrrawood University the p. Note I made my own audiobook using my screen reading program so I did not actually read the story If there were editing errors I will pick up on different ones than if I d read it and I didn t hear so many that they kept me from enjoying the storyThat said I listened to the version that s posted on Fiction Press along with the author s notes that were included in the various chapters as she progressed through the writing Reviews covering the basic plot have already been done so I don t need to repeat them here I very much enjoyed the world the author created so many different types of creatures all going to the same school was fascinating I actually first met these characters while reading the author s current WIP Moonlight and loved them so much that I decided I wanted to read Broken Wings I certainly wasn t disappointedI like the resolution at the end although I got a feeling of it being a little rushed probably because the author thought it was time for the story to wrap up after working on it for five monthsThere was a lot of sex but not so much that I ever got to the point that I wanted to skip a sex scene to find out what would happen next I do have to say the nondub con scenes between Jak and Akitra were my favorite but I like the dark type stuff so that shouldn t be a surprise

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Free read í Broken Wings Restigious school for mages werecreatures vampires. A definite roller coaster It kept me guessing I love how twisted and detailed it is