E–pub/Kindle [The Long Trip A Prehistory of Psychedelia] Ë Paul Devereux

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  • The Long Trip A Prehistory of Psychedelia
  • Paul Devereux
  • English
  • 09 November 2020
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Paul Devereux µ 9 review

Paul Devereux µ 9 review The Long Trip A Prehistory of Psychedelia Free download º 9 Ces offered by these natural substances into its own spiritual life The Long Trip is a fascinating study of an influential yet still under explored experience and is revelatory in its findings invaluable in its research and important in its attempts to address many deep uestions confronting our cultur. Excellent book recommended by T McKenna

Summary The Long Trip A Prehistory of Psychedelia

The Long Trip A Prehistory of Psychedelia

Paul Devereux µ 9 review The Long Trip A Prehistory of Psychedelia Free download º 9 O look at the use of mind altering drugs or entheogens for ritual and shamanistic purposes throughout humanity's long story while casting withering sidelong glances at our own times as Paul Devereux points out our modern mainstream culture is eccentric in its refusal to integrate the profound experien. By the time anyone found this book they will have heard all this before No facts regarding prehistory just the usual blah blah that rock carvings of spirals and wavy lines are hardcore proof that prehistoric shaman made the images while on magic mushroom and that carvings of phallics are in fact mushrooms carved bowls are all bongs ef etc As a matter of truth in advertising be aware that half this book is accounta of extant hallucinogen use Fully half the book Then naturally the obvious conclusion that this means it was the same way in prehistory I have a category of books entitled Interesting but probably bollocks This fits neither Its not very interesting and it s total bollocks no probably about itGo smoke another fatty Paul Deveraux

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Paul Devereux µ 9 review The Long Trip A Prehistory of Psychedelia Free download º 9 Using a slew of disciplines including archaeology anthropology linguistics ethnobotany biology and other fields The Long Trip strips bare the evidence for the psychedelic experiences of various prehistoric societies and ancient traditional cultures It is probably the most comprehensive single volume t. Most people assume that human usage of hallucinogens began during the psychedelic revolution in the 1960s Devereux puts forth a satisfying effort to demonstrate the long span of time that these substances have occupied a part in humanity Psychedelics have been used in every part of the world for ritual and spiritual purposes for millennia Our modern society is uniue in its refusal to integrate these experiences into our own life and traditions In The Long Trip A Prehistory of Psychedelia Devereux provides evidence for the usage of hallucinogens in various prehistoric culturesThe book begins with a glossary of terms that are common in psychedelia The set of terms is archaeology ecstasy ethnology hallucinogen prehistory psychedelic and shaman I knew these terms and their meanings but it was a great inclusion to the book s introduction Once the reader is prepared to understand the rest of the book Devereux dives into the evidence of hallucinogens in Stone Age Europe the Old World the New World and an extremely in depth analysis of psychedelic art found in cavesI found a lot to be learned in this book although it wasn t necessarily an easy read I wouldn t really suggest reading it unless you are interested in the history of psychedelia but for those of us that are interested it is one of the best books I have ever read on the subjectI really enjoyed the following excerpt from the book s epilogueThe human body is an open system taking in material from the environment and expelling matter into it all the time and we really shouldn t think of taking chemicals for visionary and mind expanding functioning as any different any less natural than taking in gases from the air for their chemical benefits to the body or chemicals and compounds in animal and vegetable matter to provide food or fermented fruits and vegetable matter to provide delicious refreshing or inebriating beverages or vitamins to augment healthy functioning or medicines when we are ill or caffeinated teas and coffees when we want to be energised