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  • 03 March 2019
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A Better Country Free download Ô 109 Escapism; it is a spiritual necessity Author Dan Schaeffer offers insight into that heavenly desire the heavenly location the heavenly life and heavenly. This book does a great job of clarifying a lot of misconceptions about heaven It uses scripture adeuately and makes references that are relatable and easy to understand to give clear explanation about what heaven will actually be like as well as what God truly reuires of us to get there I highly recommend it for anyone who isn t sure about what the Bible reveals about heaven and needs guidance to truly comprehend the importance that God places on love and faith

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A Better Country Free download Ô 109 This transforming book will change the way you think about heaven and the way you live on earth An understanding of heaven is not a spiritual luxury or. I saw Eternity the other nightLike a great ring of pure and endless nightAll calm as it was bright And round beneath it Time in hours days yearsDriven by the SpheresHenry VaughanDan s a Santa Barbara writer and I ve added some introductory notes in order that you may understand how easy going and affable his style isWhen I discovered his pieces on ODB fifteen years ago I liked his humour and insight SO much I ordered a copy of this Now that I find it hard to read smaller print I ordered an ebook copy about seven years agoYou ll love itWell since that time I ve ordered four or five paperback copies for friends and family at ChristmasWow I m hyping it nowFor some of you it may seem like overkill But Dan s style is so warm and engaging it s a cakewalk as a holiday choiceI also gave a copy to my high school friend DonHe was a freuent overseas traveller in his younger days in his work in international community development And he s had brushes with death than you can shake a stick atBy comparison there s no one as stale as an old homebody like meSo my hat s off to him and guess what Don s also a Christian A lot of Near misses tend to put The Fear of God into a GuyBut as you know I stuck fast to an urban desk all my career in the Old Cube Farm like Dilbert Do paper cuts rank as close callls They don t uite give out Purple Hearts for that you sayShucksBut you see a muddler like I was got it All Wrong in my Grade One class and was always Thinking WHILE Doing Instead of Thinking THEN Doing A highly Dumb DoerAnd never accomplishing much of importance at work along with what the Odd Bout of Inspiration provided me with here and thenI wearily wended my woebegone way early in life which hurt like Hades and later was More than Ready for Schaeffer s strongly motivational wordsBut guys like Don didn t need to be constantly reminded Don has seen his life uickly flashing before his eyes many times God bless mFear is often the best medicine cause it s DrasticAnother antidote is the Simplicity of Being as in Vaughan s renaissance poem the principal ingredient of this Better Country And with it comes endless unrestricted space and freedom of movement as well as the wonderful freedom from trolls and bulliesNow the trolls thrive on double mindedness which is alien to the Pure and Simple Being which is Heaven No they will by nature choose The Other Place which is rife with double meanings pleasant enough at first to them though its pains can only increase to a acute pitch with God s justiceAnd the Source of all our being is the best place to find yourself again and regain your footing after a protracted period of anxiety and darknessAnd maybe YOU Won t kick the bucket tonight but would you like a free road map of where you d go if you did Going back to our peaceful tranuil beginnings is NEVER a thing to be afraid ofRead my Kindle notes for starters Just to get your feet wetThis is a disarmingly joyful book and I know many of you believers d LOVE it It ll recharge your batteriesAs you do that you ll gain new hope and composure against the dark and nameless mists of your dread and your Peace will soon resolve into the gentle dew on the fresh green grass of Heaven

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A Better Country Free download Ô 109 Preparation showing how God wants that better country to be the passion and purpose of our present life Includes a helpful study guide for each chapter. Such things as Heavenly Desires Location of Heaven What we will do in Heaven and How to Prepare for Heaven are discussed There is an appendix presenting if animals will be in Heaven A well written understandable book