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Read & Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook à Isabel Ashdown Isabel Ashdown à 4 Download Little Sister Download ↠ 104 A twisty psychological thriller about sibling rivalry for fans of FRIEND REUEST by Laura Marshall CLOSE TO HOME by Cara Hunter and THE GUILTY WIFE by Elle CroftAfter sixteen years apart sisters Jessica and Emily are reunited With the past now behind them the warmth they o. At some point in the life of every single human being who walks this Earth they will construct a lie whether large or small No one is without sin when it comes to the art of lyingAfter a sixteen year separation sisters Jessica Jess and Emily are reunited at their Mother s funeral Jess even moves into her sister s home with her sister s husband James and his teenage daughter Chloe to help take care of her sister s daughter Daisy Everything seems to be going well and everyone in the home appears to be happy as the arrangement works for them until the unthinkable happens Daisy goes missing while Jess is babysittingWhen Emily and James return from a New Year s Eve party they find Daisy is missing and Jess lying on the floor covered in blood Jess has a medical condition which can cause her to pass out for one to two minutes What happened in those minutes Naturally the police will uestion everyone and through the course of the investigations some truths and lies come outJust when I thought I had this book figured out a secret came out or a lie was uncovered It soon became clear that everyone in this book had secrets Another title for this book could have been Secrets and Lies family style Seriously What I thought I knew turned out to be a lie or a half truth Why so many secrets Who has something to hide Who doesn t have something to hide Where is Daisy Why have the sisters not spoken in sixteen years The premise of this book sounded so good and there are some great parts to this book Having said that there were also parts that seemed to drag which caused the book to feel slow at times I wanted things to hurry up and at other times in the book I found the pacing to be spot on This book does have some clever twists and turns Plus there are some revelations which show that one of the sisters is not as nice as she appears to be at the beginning of the bookI didn t mind knowing what happened to Daisy before the end of the book I found that it worked for this story As I mentioned above there are other twists and turns which keep this book interesting I would have rated this book higher had it not been for the various parts of the book which seemed slow I do look forward to reading books by this Author in the future I did enjoy this book I just wished it had editing or a faster pace throughoutThank you to Kensington Books and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewRead of my books at wwwopenbookpostcom

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Read & Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook à Isabel Ashdown Isabel Ashdown à 4 Download Little Sister Download ↠ 104 After everything that happened beforeIf you like Clare Mackintosh Katie Marsh Kerry Fisher Jenny Blackhurst Rachel Abbott Laura Marshall Elle Croft Cara Hunter or Lisa Jewell then you will be utterly gripped by this psychological thriller with a shocking sting in the tale. Set on the Isle of Wight Little Sister is a deliciously twisty slow burner of a thriller following the disappearance of baby Daisy The main characters are Emily and her younger sister Jess both very different in character one can be spiteful and deceitful the other needy and a little unstable Jess was once estranged from her sister Emily but following their mothers death she has returned to make her home with Emily and her family Something major has happened in the past to separate them but does this have any bearing on Daisy s disappearance one New Year s Eve whilst in Jess careWho has taken baby Daisy from her home uite honestly it could have been anyone Everyone and I mean everyone has a secret to hide and it s impossible to know who to trust Just when you think you have worked it out another curve ball appears to throw you off balance and those doubts reappear The story focuses on the family in the aftermath of the disappearance and how each of them deals with the trauma To outsiders Emily and her husband have the perfect family But looks can be deceivingWith shocking revelations and a reveal that came as a complete surprise this is a great read and one which I very much enjoyed The setting of the small Island gives a slightly claustrophobic feel to the story and as a regular visitor I could easily visualise the locations mentioned I do have a copy of Isabel s latest book Beautiful Liars to read which I am looking forward to

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Read & Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook à Isabel Ashdown Isabel Ashdown à 4 Download Little Sister Download ↠ 104 Nce shared uickly returns and before long Jess has moved into Emily's comfortable island home Life couldn't be better But when baby Daisy disappears while in Jess's care the perfect life Emily has so carefully built starts to fall apartWas Emily right to trust her sister. Little Sister by Isabel Ashdown is a psychological thriller that had me turning the pages as uickly as I could to find out just what would happen With a missing child on the line it was safe to say this one would hook me into the story and not let go but also full of shifty characters and a fast paced plot it was extremely addictiveJess and Emily are sisters that were close growing up being barely a year apart in age But the old the pair got the further they began to drift apart and then had a huge falling out that separated them for yearsNow Jess and Emily have reconciled as adults and have grown close once again with Jess taking up Emily s offer of moving in with Emily and her husband to help with their children On New Year s Eve Jess stayed home to watch little Daisy as Emily her husband and teenage stepdaughter went out to celebrate but when everyone returned they find Jess passed out and Daisy gone beginning a frantic search for the missing childThe story in Little Sister is told with alternating points of view between the sister Jess and Emily through the first half of the book at which point another POV is added into the mix Things mostly follow along in the current time but there are flashes in the story to develop the past between Jess and Emily to dive deeper into their relationshipLittle Sister was just what I hoped for when picking this one up a nice trip through the secrets and lies to find just how deep the betrayal would run in this family A nice little twisty ride that has a reader uestioning everyone along the way with a bit of nail biting tension building to the final conclusion I d definitely recommend this one to the fans of psychological thrillersI received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor review please visit