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  • 09 December 2020
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review I'm the Vampire That's Why ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Erang dan menggigit dirinya membuatnya nyaris mati Seandainya tak ditolong oleh Patrick si vampir Irlandia nan tampan penuh kharisma sudah pasti Jessica akan tewas Namun semua itu ada bayarannya Jessica tak diberi pilihan dan terpaksa menjadi vampirSiapa yang tak ingin hidup abadi Apalagi jika ada laki laki gagah dan tampan yang bersedia menema. Taken From s a new breed of soccer mom in town with fangsDoes drinking blood make me a bad mother That s the uestion single mom Jessica Matthews faces when she wakes from a savage attack sucking on the thigh of Patrick O Halloran a super hot Irish vampire who d generously offered his femoral artery to save her from deathonly to make her one of the undeadJessica can t rest until the beast that did this to her is caught Meanwhile she s having trouble committing to Patrick in the vampire handbook physical intimacy costs you several hundred years of being bound together and keeping her kids in lineThe ReviewI had been looking for a light read when I stumbled upon this book I m the Vampire That s Why The book had a cutesy cover so I picked it up and read the back page I m glad I did This book had everything I was looking for a good background story strong characters laugh out loud funny in places and there were plenty of great sex scenes I didn t find anything that I seriously disliked about the book It was fun an easy read and made me want to read the next one What can you ask for in a book

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review I'm the Vampire That's Why ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook “Aku tahu apa yang kutahu kalau kau membuka hatimu untukku kau akan mengetahui hal yang sama”Jessica Matthews tak lagi percaya pada cinta setelah Rich selingkuh darinya Ketika serpihan serpihan hatinya belum tersatukan mimpi buruk terburuk yang pernah ada menimpa dirinya Suatu malam ketika sedang membuang sampah sesosok makhluk berbulu meny. I started this book thinking it was going to be a fun light sassy read I really wanted to like it But after a little over 100 pages I had to stop Reasons for doing soIt was very inconsistent So many things contradicted each other In one scene she burst through the roof of an RV a handful of pages later it was noted that the van had such strong wallsrooffloor that not even vampire strength could dent it Umm ok Just like when she woke the first night she noticed her heart wasn t beating along with not breathing but I ll get to that later then a couple paragraphs later her heart was pounding then it was noted that if her heart beat it would ve trembled then it was almost jumping out of her chest then it went back to she had no heart beat back to heart hammering I never knew what the hell was going on the author changed her own rules so often It was very irritating if you are going to write your supernaturals one way then by god keep them that way or at least give a reason why everything changes and is so sporadic I hate when authors are too lazy to keep up with their own stories and contradicting yourself in your book is bad enough but when it happens in the same chapter Shit that s just bad business At one point she was so hungry her fangs popped out of her gums twice in a small amount of time then she went forever without feeding at least another whole day Like a lot of other things in this story something would come up made a point of and then forgotten Like her constantly wishing she could breathe the author brought up Numerous times she couldn t breathe even if she tried yet she could speak and how can you even speak without any breath that doesn t make any sense If she just didn t have to breathe and only did so occasionally to talk or dramatically sigh ok I would understand that but it was pointed out so many times that she couldn t at all But somehow other vampires were able to sigh when they were irritated It was very annoying It also had one of the fastest insta lovejealousy whatever it is ever I mean good lord I know authors have gotten a little lazy with romance and a lot of stories lately have insta love but shit this couple was hands down one of the fastest In the very beginning before anything at all had really even happened between the hh she broke a couple fingers on another woman s hand for literally just putting her hand on the heroes arm and this was only 24 hours after the heroine had met him and most of those hours she was asleep or turning at least 20 of those hrs That is CRAZY I crawled onto the bed and debated whether or not I should use the last vestiges of willpower to undress Nope Not gonna happen If I was lucky Patrick would join me de clothe me and well keep his mitts off me I didn t need to have sex with him But I wanted to This uote is from her 2nd night of her re birth or whatever she has only known him for roughly 24 36 hrsAnd then the hero a 4000 year old vampire give me a break That just wasn t believable given what we knew about him 400 maybe but 4000 just no That was just pushing it too far for me And she was suppose to be 36 She acted like a 16 yr old I caused the people in my life no amount of frustration because I was as my mother said one who mulled too much I liked to roll things around in my head before I made a decision Bullshit this woman thought 90% of the time about the hero She seemed pretty impulsive to me doing what she wanted when she wanted with no thought process at all And she flitted around from one thought to the next with out really ever dwelling on anything including her kids maybe especially her kids before her thoughts would circle back to lusting after Patrick In one part of the book and this is where I actually stopped because I could no longer take it her daughter who had just seen her for the 1st time in 3 days happened upon her in the garagebasement and seen her eyes glowing red with a pair of swords and fangs so the little girl runs to her brothers room in hysterics when Jessica the momheroine gets there and is trying to talk to her kids about what is going on and her sickness when Patrick slips into her mind to try and help her with what to tell her kids and right in the middle she gets A sensual thrill zipped up my spine and that s a direct line from the book Literally right in the middle of seeing her babies for the 1st time in days and having a monumental conversation with them to tell them she s a vampire and her panties are getting wet Ew I just couldn t take it any And I am not one to DNF I m sure there are plenty of people who loved this book but I just couldn t for the life of me finish or enjoy it If I knew it was going to get better or improve I would ve just kept on but I just couldn t see that happening It actually makes me a little sad because I wanted so much to like this book but I am forever grateful I didn t spend any money for this and only borrowed the 1st in this seriesEdited in 062015 for spelling

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review I'm the Vampire That's Why ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ni menyebutnya sebagai belahan jiwa yang selama ini telah ditunggu tunggu Tapi sayangnya menjadi makhluk abadi pun tak selamanya menguntungkan terutama mengenai berpasangan Ada peraturan yang mengharuskan vampir untuk terikat selama satu abad seandainya mereka ingin berpasangan sementara benih benih cinta yang Patrick berikan untuknya kian meka. Is fear rith maith n drochseasamh And that means what A good run is better than a bad stand Oh And that means what It means Jessica that life is about choices Sometimes you fight sometimes you flee but you never surrender This book in its sheer simplicity has taught me this important life lesson Also it tried to teach me Gaelic terms which unfortunately my brain refuses to processJessica Matthews single mom of two was attacked and left bleeding to death on the pavement She wakes up thinking she s in heaven Well not literally but figuratively she is as she was suckling on a male thigh It s then I can imagine him talking Patrick O Halloran I could almost hear his voice tingling my ear speaking sweet nothings in his sexy Irish accent That is enough to make me dance on my toes Hmm consider accents my waterloo You could blindfold me and make even a garbage collector talk to me in any foreign accent and I could fall in love with him on the spotThat s when Jessica tears away from the velvety inside of the muscular male thigh That s when she sees the man with the sexy Irish accent And the body does not disappoint Being naked Jessica managed to survey the entire package and I will uote Raven black hair feathered away from his face and ends of it curling on his shoulders He looked like Pierce Brosnan in his Remington Steele days except for the color of those eyes With eyes like the sea after a storm Those strange eyes were an ever changing silver that seemed to eddy and swirl like a fast rising river Given his size my guess was that he was just about six feet tall He was muscular and trim like an athlete rather than bulky like a gym freak with a light dusting on his chest and thighs There s also a detailed account on exclusive male organs but we wouldn t want to be descriptive much rightWell aside from the sexy package despite Patrick being dead he has a large heart to give He believes that Jessica is his soulmate and he gives her the choice to bind with him On their first meeting he ties himself up so he wouldn t ravish Jessica and end up binding her against her will having sex would bind any paranormal being for a hundred yearsI would have given this book four stars however I gave it three because 1 uotations from movies I unfortunately never watched the blame must be on me but the author should never assume that all her readers seen The Princess Bride 2 the excessive Gaelic without immediate translations 3 the legend which was a hundred years old but written in a manner and style belonging to the 20th centuryBut still it was a good and refreshing read And yes despite motherhood and death Jessica Matthews cam definitely kick butt