(The Princess Matilda Comes Home) [PDF READ] Â Shane Spall

  • Paperback
  • 352
  • The Princess Matilda Comes Home
  • Shane Spall
  • English
  • 22 November 2020
  • 9780091941833

Shane Spall ✓ 1 REVIEW

REVIEW è The Princess Matilda Comes Home Shane Spall ✓ 1 REVIEW DOWNLOAD é AKUENTAJUI.CO ✓ Shane Spall Ious Irish Sea twice accidentally sail through an army firing range and experience the matchless beauty of Scotland’s Caledonian canal Emerging into the North Sea at Inverness they set a course down the east coast for London back where their journey beganTim and Shane aren’t the amateur sailors they once were but things still don’t always go to plan It’s not easy navigating our dangerous coastal waters and crashing waves and strong tides can be terrifying But i. Again a genuinely moving funny heart felt story Makes me want to visit all these tiny coastal towns Really makes a girl sad to be land locked Shane Spall has a natural gift for writing and I can t possibly recommend her books or the Somewhere At Sea television series highly enough

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The Princess Matilda Comes Home

REVIEW è The Princess Matilda Comes Home Shane Spall ✓ 1 REVIEW DOWNLOAD é AKUENTAJUI.CO ✓ Shane Spall T’s exhilarating too and the realisation of a dream they have had for a very long timeIt’s a slow journey but a satisfying one visiting fishing villages and ports and exploring Britain’s windswept coast Along the way they meet brave lifeboat crews lockkeepers fishermen and a whole host of people who make their living or their leisure on the water The Princess Matilda Comes Home is a funny and warm hearted story about sharing a great adventure with someone you lov. Maintained the standard of the first book intertwining the stories of her husband s illness with their fabulous trip around Britain Highly reminiscent of my own bookadventure Walking on WaterWalking on Water 10559021at times but these tropes go with the territory to some extent Recommended for those who enjoy traveladventurelife stories


REVIEW è The Princess Matilda Comes Home Shane Spall ✓ 1 REVIEW DOWNLOAD é AKUENTAJUI.CO ✓ Shane Spall Shane and Tim Spall are on the second leg of a very big adventure taking their Dutch barge The Princess Matilda around the coast of BritainFrom Matilda’s winter berth in Cardiff Shane and Tim follow the Welsh coast before ambitiously deciding to visit the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland Along the way they cross Cardigan Bay in the company of a pod of dolphins meet the king and ueen of Piel Island get lost in shipping lanes near Liverpool successfully cross the notor. Shane Spall is not just the beloved wife of Timothy Spall the brilliant British actor She is also one of my favourite author s Why Well when I read her books the first was The Voyages of Princess Matilda and now the seuel The Princess Matilda Comes Home I find myself reading them ever so slowly So slowly that it can take me three or four weeks to get to the last chapter The reason being that I never want to reach the end of her delicious descriptions of their adventures together on their bespoke barge The Princess MatildaEach paragraph has me totally immersed in their experiences whether it s doing battle with sopping wet ropes nervously climbing a slimy rusty ladder braving an unfriendly sea whilst their home comforts throw themselves to the floor or those moments when they arrive at their next port of call as the sun sets before them over the now calm reflective waters that once threatened to tear their floating home apartShane s descriptions of the places they visit the history and the people they meet along the way are always captivating whether they are about a truly thoughtless person treating her as though she was invisible a heroic bunch of lifeboat men or the genuinely helpful people that they encountered throughout their journey around the seas of BritainHer truth and humour always shine through and for me she is the uintessential raconteuse