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  • The Girl in the Torch
  • Robert Sharenow
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  • 18 April 2020
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Free download Ê The Girl in the Torch Wims as hard as she can toward the Lady's island and a new lifeHer leap of faith leads her to an unbelievable hiding place the Statue of Liberty itself Now Sarah must find a way to Manhattan while avoiding the night watchman and scavenging enough food to survive When a surprising ally helps bring her to the city Sarah finds herself facing new dangers and a life on her own Will she ever find a true home in America. Review from 9 yr old daughterI loved this The main character never gave up always hoping that something good would

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Free download Ê The Girl in the Torch The Invention of Hugo Cabret meets True Grit in this heartfelt novel of resilience hope and discovering a family where you least expect it from award winning author Robert SharenowAt the dawn of the twentieth century thousands of immigrants are arriving in the promised land of New York City Twelve year old Sarah has always dreamed of America a land of freedom and possibility In her small village she stares at a p. I thought this book was a little simplistic and the characters were paper thin But my seven year old daughter love

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Free download Ê The Girl in the Torch Ostcard of the Statue of Liberty and imagines the Lady beckoning to her When Sarah and her mother finally journey across the Atlantic though tragedy strikes and Sarah finds herself being sent back before she even sets foot in the countryYet just as Sarah is ushered onto the boat that will send her away from the land of her dreams she makes a life or death decision She daringly jumps off the back of the boat and s. While I didn t love the ending and the whole book itself didn t seem wholly realistic I gave this book four stars