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Judith James Î 4 Read Read Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Î Judith James The King's Courtesan Read ò 104 Ss a beautiful courtesan with humble beginnings and he will keep his lands and be richly rewarded To Hope who dreams of independence it’s a crushing betrayal and for Robert it represents a new low Bitter disillusioned trapped in a marriage neither of them want their clash is inevitable Can these two wounded souls realize the answer to all their dreams might lie in each other's ar. Just read the blurb I ll waitLady libertine judgmental lord HER BODY IS A BATTLEGROUND Sensuous beautiful and determined Hope Matthews is a favored mistress of the king Her many charms have helped her rise from the gutter to the king s bed But with the new ueen s impending arrival her nights in the royal chamber and her hopes for security will swiftly come to an end HIS HONOR A DISTANT MEMORY Haunted by his past hardened by the recent civil war Captain Robert Nichols lives only for revenge When told he must marry the king s courtesan to provide a cover for their affair he s faced with a new low Both are pawns of a great man but married to their dreams of independence their clash is inevitable Can these two wounded souls realize the answer to all their dreams might lie in each other s armsDo you see that It has it all A debauched woman a tortured man and a King who wants what he wants and has the power to make it happen It has the marriage of convenience and an inbuilt threat to the lovers to be It has the premise of a life timeAnd it s all wastedHow rare is it to find a believable reason for a country gentleman to marry a whore Very Yet here it is A libertine King without anyone holding him back has the power and the will to make his common whore a noblewoman He exercises that power and makes a deal with a minor baronet who isn t in the position to refuse his sovereign Can you imagine it Two very different people brought together on a monarch s whim and forced to live together in a pretend marriage And let s not forget the household staff Here James actually surprises positively Captain Nichols loyal servants don t make it easy for their new mistress to slip into that role It s just another way to keep up the pretence and show how alone Hope and Robert are in this mess The antagonism makes the sparks flyAnd again it s lost What we have here is a collection of occasionally lovely moments without a real thread to hold them together If I skip read the weaker parts suint and tilt my head just so I can almost see a great story under there but only if I try very hard All the good is buried under characterisations I can t agree with and inconsistencies that tear apart what little plot there was As for the plot it feels congested I can see the reasoning for all the twists but shoddy pacing destroys what little sense I saw thereStill I didn t hate it The premise saved a lot I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley

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Judith James Î 4 Read Read Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Î Judith James The King's Courtesan Read ò 104 Ls a war weary Parliamentarian captain first introduced to readers in Libertine’s Kiss Haunted by his past hardened by years of fighting and consumed by a uest for revenge Robert Nichols’ honor is a fading memory When Charles II confiscates his lands to reward one of his backers it seems life as a mercenary is all that’s left until the king makes him an offer Marry his mistre. My first JJ s book and was not expecting much being that it s about the King s mistress I mean I was pretty sure that I ll hate the heroine and I was bracing myself for the slutty part But surprisingly 30% into the book I was pulled in and was pretty much blown awayCaptain Nichols was ordered by the King to wed Hope his favorite mistress The marriage was just a front for his new ueen and also to bound her to him and nobody else Little did he expect the Captain to sweep Hope off her feet with his brooding charm and dark past Hope and the Captain I just love it when she called him that were very adorable together even with their fights and bickering I would definitely check out some other books by JJ

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Judith James Î 4 Read Read Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Î Judith James The King's Courtesan Read ò 104 I am pleased to release an enhanced version of the King's Courtesan now titled Soldier of Fortune in the form and length that was originally intended Readers who enjoyed Libertine's Kiss can find out what happened to Captain Nichols and catch up with Lizzy Charlie and Will Soldier of Fortune tells the story of Hope Mathews a character inspired by Nell Gwynn and Captain Robert Nicho. In London of 1651 wide eyed innocent fourteen year old Hope Mathews dreams of being than her mother a prostitute and brothel owner When she is rescued from being trampled underfoot during a procession Hope believes that her dreams are about to come true Her rescuer is everything she d hoped tall handsome gallant a soldier and a true gentleman But that same day upon returning home to the brothel her mother announces her own plans for Hope s future Beautiful young and virginal Hope is to be auctioned off to the highest bidder destined not as a common whore but a wealthy man s mistress So begins Hope s journey transformed into a well educated well dressed courtesan fit for a kingAt twelve years of age Robert Nichols killed his first man trying in vain to protect his sister from five men of His Majesty s cavaliers who have ransacked his family s house looking for treasure At sixteen he was in charge of a company of soldiers At seventeen he was involved in the first massacre of the Civil War And now with the end of the war 35 year old Captain Sir Robert Nichols Baronet is ready to settle down as a country gentleman in his family home and lands But like many who had supported Oliver Cromwell Robert s lands are to be forfeit to the Crown to His Majesty Charles IIWith the imminent marriage of Charles Stuart to his Portuguese bride to be Hope knows that her time as his mistress is running out She wishes to retire from the court to live modestly in her own home But Charles realising that she would no longer be under his protection and wanting her also to return to him after his marriage decides the best thing would be for her to marry A country gentleman with lands would be ideal The man would need to be of some rank but would also need to understand that the marriage would be a facade that he would simply be looking after the king s courtesanThis is a follow on book to Judith James s previous novel Libertine s Kiss Although the protagonists in that novel William de Veres and Elizabeth Walters do feature uite a bit here this can uite easily be read as a stand alone Judith James incorporates an incredible amount of historical detail into her historical romances This for me adds another dimension to the usual historical romance Plus 17th century Restoration England is such an unusual refreshingly different time periodFor all her experience as a courtesan Hope still comes across as the dreamy eyed innocent she was at fourteeen She hasn t allowed her unconventional childhood her mother s cruel calculating betrayal and her life as a whore to harden her She is still sweet idealistic and perfect for the uiet intense honorable and yet tormented Robert Pressed into a marriage that neither of them wants they grow to accept like and eventually love Although they do have their moments I swear if I d known you were going to be my husband I would have been sorely tempted to put poison in your May Day wineMadam if I knew you were to be my wife I would have been sorely tempted to drink itThis is another wonderful read from Judith James set in a different period with two delightful leads adventure romance and great historical detail ARC courtesy of Harleuin via NetGalley