E–pub/E–book [Forgive Me If Ive Told You This Before]

  • Paperback
  • 304
  • Forgive Me If Ive Told You This Before
  • Karelia Stetz-Waters
  • en
  • 24 October 2020
  • 9781932010732

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Forgive Me If Ive Told You This Before Free download ñ 104 Karelia Stetz-Waters ð 4 Free download Free read · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ð Karelia Stetz-Waters Al Pinn It's even harder to ignore the allure of other girls As Triinu tumbles headlong into first love and teenage independence she realizes that the differences that make her a target are also the differen. Things I almost never do on Goodreads write reviews and give five starsFor me books start out at three stars That s the baseline If they re good they can move up and if they stink they can move down but a three star rating means that the book was a solid nothing groundbreaking but no actual bad parts read I know this is not how many people on Goodreads rate books but I rate books with a system that helps me remember how I felt about them when I look back through not to appease the general public I write reviews for my ultimate favorite books those that hit me hard and I need to spread the word about and that doesn t happen very oftenTHAT BEING SAIDThis book This freaking book Was amazing I loved the entire thing though I admit it took me way too long to figure out that it was not set in the 2010s Oops Though this character and I at first glance don t have much in common by the end of the book I felt as if I had found my long lost best friend two generations too earlyThis book dragged me through all the emotions those troublesome ones I desperately try to avoid in real life and the few good enough to be sought out I laughed cried gasped and empathized my way through this entire thingWhen I finished the book I tweeted the author Karelia Stetz Waters about how great I thought the book was She responded I get very excited about things like that I am a product of my generation after allPlease please please please read Forgive Me If I ve Told You This Before Shoot me a message if you want to discuss because unlike book reviews book discussions are something that I will absolutely enter with anyone into at any time

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Forgive Me If Ive Told You This Before

Forgive Me If Ive Told You This Before Free download ñ 104 Karelia Stetz-Waters ð 4 Free download Free read · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ð Karelia Stetz-Waters Shy intellectual and living in rural Oregon Triinu Hoffman just doesn't fit in She does her best to hide behind her dyed hair and black wardrobe but it's hard to ignore the bullying of Pip Weston and Princip. And I knew what I had always known I would not trade my loneliness for the halogen glow of their certainty their dissecting light their public lust so bright it scared God awayreview also posted hereI first discovered this book thanks to a review by Sara uin of the band Tegan and Sara she tweeted about it and also has a blurb on both the front and back covers of the book I finally ordered a copy for Christmas and decided to make it my first read book in 2015 and WOW I am so glad I did Essentially this novel follows a teenager Triinu through her high school years She deals with discovering her sexuality first love friendship bullying hatred Let s just put it this way she deals with a lotThis book is all at once funny heartbreaking maddening and joyful As we follow Triinu through high school we cry and laugh and cringe right along with her I applaud this book and its author Karelia Stetz Waters for this amazing portrayal of ueerness and reality in early 1990s America a time that I can only see through portraits such as this one I don t really want to say that much about this story because I feel like I could go on for days I will just highlight a few thingsFirst I don t think I have ever hated a fictional character as much as Principal Pinn He is the worst combination of hatred and ignorance and self righteousness It is safe to say then that I absolutely loved what ends up happening with this character Take that Pinn My heart ached for Triinu and everyone like her that had to deal with such a horrible person as the head of their schoolOn the other end of the spectrum I adored Triinu and Isabel s friendship As both girls changed as they both met new people and tried new things they always came back to each other I loved the scene where Triinu finally decided to come out to Isabel and it was just such a simple acceptance and acknowledgment The realization that after all those years after all the times they fell apart and came back together it was always just Isabel and Triinu the best of friends I thought that this aspect of the book was really well done and it really provided a bright spot throughout all of the negative things that Triinu was experiencing Finally I just want to touch on the humor in this story Despite everything the main character is funny and witty and bold One part that I always replay in my head is when she first stared to change her wardrobe and style and her mom said that she looked like she was a funeral director Triinu just said something like not a direct uote no I look like I m going to a funeral If I was a funeral director I d be wearing a beige suit I just love that about her She doesn t let herself get torn downThere isn t much that I would critiue about this story Maybe Ava because I think that her chemistry with Triinu was through the roof I just love this book the way it is Don t mess with it

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Forgive Me If Ive Told You This Before Free download ñ 104 Karelia Stetz-Waters ð 4 Free download Free read · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ð Karelia Stetz-Waters Ces that can set her free With everyone in town taking sides in the battle for eual rights in Oregon Triinu must stand up for herself learn what it is to love and have her heart broken and become her own wom. Forgive Me is the breathtaking coming of age story of Triinu Hoffman a young woman coming to terms with her sexuality during the tumultuous gay rights struggle in Oregon during the 90s In the broader context of homophobia and oppression Triinu s story is one of perseverance bravery and strength Her emotional journey was compelling and relatable and I found myself wholly invested in her triumphs and discouraged by the obstacles in her path to happiness Her voice was fresh and enchanting and the perspective that she presents is historic powerful and still relevant now in 2018 I have been reading and books with LGTB protagonists and the one thing that always strikes me is how important it is to hear these voices represented in all forms of media Diversity in all its forms is so necessary especially in times when the social and political climates are charged with fear anger miseducation and close minded obstinance Good honest and optimistic representation of diversity in media is important now than ever and I m grateful that Forgive Me holds up to those expectations