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  • 17 September 2019
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characters Beau Lee The Bomb Me Mary McKinley ✓ 4 Read & Download Beau Lee The Bomb Me Read & Download Ù 104 Er target Have you ever heard the saying 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend' There's something to that When the bullying gets violent and Beau decides to run away to San Francisco to ask his Uncle Frankie for advice we all go Beau me Leonie designated class slut and a scruffy rescue dog called The Bomb a tribe of misfits crammed into my mom's minivan Throw in a detour to the Twilight town of Forks armed robbery cool record. Beau Lee the Bomb Me by Mary McKinley is a first reads win and I m giving my honest opinion This story tells of bullying and learning to fight back Rusty is sick of the bullying she gets from her classmates She is smart and big Lee hangs out with her Lee is beautiful but for some reason she acts as a slut New kid moves into town His name is Beau An instant dislike from the kids They discover he s gay One day he was crossing the campus when four of the bullies beat the crape out of him necessatating a visit to the hospital his mom threatens to sue the school and three of the four boys Beau is done with all the crape He wants to visit his gay uncle in San Francisco They make plans to leave Rusty will drive her moms minivan Rusty looks up the blue book value and leaves her mom the cash she s been saving up They take off but first head to the Oregon town where Twilight was filmed

characters Beau Lee The Bomb MeBeau Lee The Bomb Me

characters Beau Lee The Bomb Me Mary McKinley ✓ 4 Read & Download Beau Lee The Bomb Me Read & Download Ù 104 Shops confessions breakups and makeups and you have the kind of journey that can change the way you look at the whole world and yourself A warm funny bitterly wise portrayal of the impulsivity and vulnerability of adolescence If you've been one of the 'weird' kids if you've felt like nothing and everything all at once if best friendship is your medicine and snark is your armor you'll get it Lindy West writer for jezebelcom. I would rate 15 stars for this bookThere are a lot of slangs and spoken language which to some extent is alright but I think it is overused in this bookThe story didn t impress me or live up to my expectations I could only read 15 of the book and get bored afterwards The book didn t progress in the beginning much but rather just going around and around Therefore I didn t want to finish itI m sorry if my opinion differs from others but this is just how I thought and felt when reading the book

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characters Beau Lee The Bomb Me Mary McKinley ✓ 4 Read & Download Beau Lee The Bomb Me Read & Download Ù 104 When Beau transferred to our school I thought Good; fresh meat Because I knew he would be tormented the entire time he was at Baboon High Like I am All dayevery day Growing up is a tripIn high school there are few worse crimes than being smart or fat Lucky me I'm both But when Beau Gales blows in to town it takes about two minutes for the jackasses at our Seattle school to figure out he's gay and that makes him an even bigg. I really thought this was a great book Yes people will have gripes such as the vernacular being annoying but give it a chance The bigger picture and the topics are what make this book amazing This book tackles bullying LGBT issues kids with labels suicide and poor family upbringing This was a thoughtful look at these issues through the experiences of those in the book There is no uick fix for these issues but there are ways to make changes bit by bit Younger readers may learn to consider what the life is like for others perhaps be a little kinder or be a friend So many teenagers are lonely and contemplate suicide For adult readers they can keep in mind that it only takes one friend or one mentor to make a difference Instead of shying away from troubled kids in your life try to make a difference Be thereGrowing up I had friends from many circles but never really a group I was friendly with everyone but never really belonged in a cliue My parents taught me that everyone is a potential friend They mentored the bad kids in our neighborhood teaching some to drive when their parents didn t encouraging them helping in ways they could and treating them with respect Guess what These troubled kids treated my parents with respect and their outlook on life and themselves changed My parents told me the goody goody to go outside and and play with the kids that were sitting on a couch in their front yard smoking So at a young age I didn t size up others the way my peers did I knew that everyone had something to give needed friendship and respect and had things to share with the world One year the day after Halloween our yard was covered in smashed pumpkins We finished our morning routine and headed outside to find the pumpkins GONE Down the street two of the bad kids were smoking on the couch We took our leftover candy and asked if they cleaned our yard Yeahit wasn t cool that someone would do that to you guysSo I was amazed when this book evoked my feelings of the past and shared it s message that is so deeply rooted in my own being First these three were alone in a sea of teenagers that looked down on them Readers experience their isolation and desperation We see them find each other and a glimmer of camaraderie starts After Beau gets beat up badly they embark on a roadtrip Taking time to extract themselves from the stressors they bond evaluate their own situations and each others When they get to their destination they find mentorship I loved that there was no easy fix for their issues but of a change in mindset It is also for the reader to change their mindset and do what they can when the issues present themselves Oh and that teenage vernacular issue that keeps getting slammed in reviews I see it differently As the book opens the main character has a bit of a facade She wants to blend in so much in her world that she doesn t even reveal to the reader that she is a girl until several pages in Her voice in the book starts out with a lot of typical high school acronyms and eye rolling slang because that is another way to blend in with the crowd However as she finds her stability and matures that falls away The author reflects all the changes going on within the main character by increasing the strength and maturity of her voice as the story progresses Subtle if you re not evaluating it The author s website hints that true life friends and situations inspired the storyThe only area I wish the author would have touched on is to contemplate the life of the bullies in the book It would have been one big picture momentA couple of uotes from the book that stick with me Because this is an Advance Reader Copy prior to publication uotes are subject to change in the final versionWhen discussing why a girl would put out so much to anyone and everyone There is not enough love in her world for her to reject it lightly Even its ugly counterfeit doppelganger which is all it ever was with him I will try never to judge anyone again Who knows how or why they are here or from what hell they escaped I received a free digital ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review