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  • The Land Where Lemons Grow
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  • 10 January 2020
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free read The Land Where Lemons Grow 106 Nd the citrus industry By combining insight into the country's cultural political and economic history with travel writing horticulture and art Helena Atlee gives the reader a uniue view of ItalyHelena Attlee is the author of four books about Italian gardens and others on the cultural history of gardens around the world Helena is a Fellow of the Royal Literary Fund and has worked in Italy for nearly 30 years. I was sent this as a first read copy I really wanted to like this book and obviously someone who knows much about books and writing decided this book was worth publishing so this is just my little honest opinion I have read National Geographics since I was a child I have never meet a subject in which I couldn t become somewhat interestedThe books explains the story of lemons in Italian history as she travels though Italy The cover is beautiful I m assuming it s of an Italian painting I searched for the artwork credits but could not find any She is very passionate about lemons culture and history She is well researched which shows in her writing but she suffers from what I call the science syndrome in writing She s a researcher first then a writer There for

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free read The Land Where Lemons Grow 106 The Land Where Lemons Grow uses the colourful past of six different kinds of Italian citrus to tell an unexpected history of Italy from the arrival of citrons in 2nd century Calabria through Arab domination of Sicily in the 9th century to slow food and cutting edge genetic research in the 21st Along the way Helena Attlee traces the uses of citrus essential oils in the perfume industry and describes the extra. 3 12 starsI really enjoyed reading about the history of Italy through the lens of their love for and cultivation of citrus I learned so much about citrus that it s so much than oranges and lemons and that citrus has so many uses beyond eating And I learned so much about the history of Italy vis a vis their cultivation of these plants that originally came from the Himalayas Fascinating even if Attlee s writing is occasionally clunky What I really appreciated is that she was dogged in tracking down all the different types of citrus grown throughout the Italian peninsula as well as Sicily and digging in to give us a first hand view of the history the cultivation the growers and the many ways that citrus is used in Italy and throughout the world Recommended Why

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free read The Land Where Lemons Grow 106 Ction of precious bergamot oil; the history of marmalade and its production in Sicily; the extraordinary harvest of 'Diamante' citrons by Jewish citron merchants in Calabria; the primitive violence of the Battle of Oranges when the streets in Ivrea run with juice She reveals the earliest manifestations of the Mafia among the lemon gardens outside Palermo and traces the ongoing links between organised crime a. These days lemons are a part of our culinary lives but there was a time not long ago when these were seen as exotic fruit People would return from Italy on holiday in the 1950 s with tales of trees laden with fruit inhaling the heady aroma that the fruit givesAnd it is to Italy that Atlee takes us From the Sicilian terraces full of mandarins and blood oranges to the Southern Italian groves full of the huge citron and bergamonts She visits the perfumed gardens of Liguria to see their particularly sour chinotti and witnesses the festival in Ivrea where the inhabitants throw 400 tonnes of oranges at each other Along her journey she draws together the history of the places and the fruits sips limoncello on sun soaked terraces discovers new pastas meets Rabbis