EBOOK Girl on Girl Workout

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  • Girl on Girl Workout
  • Kat LeXXXington
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  • 06 July 2020
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FREE READ · Girl on Girl Workout SUMMARY Æ AKUENTAJUI.CO ´ Kat LeXXXington Enjoy a FREE excerpt of Girl on Girl WorkoutJanet moaned her mouth pressing harder and urgently to Lita’s She was dying the need she felt burning a hole through her middle It didn’t even matter that Janet had never been with a woman this just felt right She simply closed her eyes and thought of all the things she wanted to have done to her and emulated those movements onto Lita Without the use of her hands Janet was at a loss She struggled to remove the gloves but Lita had tied the laces too tightly Unable to free herself Janet improvised She broke their kiss and uickly brought her mouth down on Lita’s neck kissing it softly and letting her tongue slip over the tight cables of her neck She tast.


Girl on Girl Workout

FREE READ · Girl on Girl Workout SUMMARY Æ AKUENTAJUI.CO ´ Kat LeXXXington Ed like sweat and soap and need Janet could taste the want coming off the other woman’s skin the outright urgency that came out of every pore Kat LeXXXington is at it again This time she brings you a delightfully naughty tale of the passion between two frustrated women She delivers her usual visceral style bringing the characters to life like never before Janet is horny Her uneventful sex life with a boring husband has her chomping at the bit She needs someone anyone to ravish her and use her She wants the crazy wild and violent sex she has seen on the Internet the kind of passion delivered by a well endowed man with dark eyes and endless stamina She wants to have every hole filled to be used and d.

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FREE READ · Girl on Girl Workout SUMMARY Æ AKUENTAJUI.CO ´ Kat LeXXXington Iscarded like a whore Lita once had the sex life she wanted but all that faded over time Now she is bored to tears and unwanted left to be a mother and wife without the sweet release of orgasm Her stress builds and although she has a physical outlet it’s no the one she needs When the two women meet there is an instant attraction but neither of them has ever had feelings for another woman before Will their lust break them free of their sexual repression Will they be able to overcome the stigma social norms put on two women loving each other physically Will they taste the forbidden fruit and become the lover they both need Tune in now kiddies because this story is so hot it might just burn your hands.

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