My Dads Milk

free read My Dads Milk ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB KD SWALLOWS × 6 summary “Beautiful work honey What a good girl Now very carefully I want you to open your mouth and take just the tip of Daddy’s bottle in your mouth Be careful not to scrape your teeth on him because we don’t want to hurt Daddy we just want to get his milk” Nineteen year old Katie has had a hard life Her mother ran off when she was three leaving her in the care of her grandparents They did an amazing job raising her instilling morals and values into her as any loving grandparent would She works hard through high school to maintain a 40 GPA to ensure a scholarship to keep the financial burden of higher education from her grandparent's dwindling retirement After countless odd jobs and hardly any savings racking up she finally has had enough and uits her job heading toward the beach to clear her head Upon driving up she's struck by the man of her dreams lounging on the beach and hold her gaze a hundred yards away After seconds of speaking with him she's ready to give him her virginity in whatever way he wants That is until he speaks about his wife Her m.

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free read My Dads Milk ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB KD SWALLOWS × 6 summary Illionaire mystery man makes her a tantalizing offer and possibly a way to pay for her schoolingWARNING This 3900 word book contains graphic language and explicitly detailed descriptions of a Mommy forcing her sweet baby to drain her Daddy's big full bottle If sweet little girl's sloppy cock sucking gag worthy deep throating age play or spanking turn you off DO NOT READAll characters in this work are consenting adults 18 not blood related Excerpt “My goodness little one You must be uite hungry Mommy will let you do what you want with Daddy’s bottle now if you want I’m going to go sit over here and make sure Daddy’s being sweet to our little angel” Her voice trailed off as she plopped down on the sofa behind Daddy craning her neck to get a better view of my handiworkI wasted no time pressing the tip of Daddy to my lips and letting his thick girth spread them wide I wrapped my lips around my teeth while I bobbed wildly on Daddy ensuring that I wouldn’t accidentally hurt him I pushed down with the muscles in my neck straining to get every inc.

KD SWALLOWS × 6 summary

free read My Dads Milk ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB KD SWALLOWS × 6 summary H of Daddy down my throat but I couldn’t help from gagging“Honey if you sing a song between licks and sucks of Daddy’s bottle it will help you concentrate on not doing that We don’t want to upset your little tummy before it’s even full do we”I couldn’t see Mommy from behind Daddy’s giant cock in my face but I took her advice starting with the best song I knew“The itsy bitsy spider” I began to sing in my sweet voice sliding my lips over the head of his cock I took him almost all the way in continuing to hum the song while his tip tickled the back of my vibrating vocal cords I pulled back before gagging popping his sticky cock out from between my waiting lips“Went up the waterspout” I slid my knees forward the carpet fibers burning as I pulled closer to Daddy’s cock I opened my mouth wide shoving my head down hard Daddy’s tiny prickly hairs touching my lips I tried to smile at my success of taking him all but my mouth was too full Daddy groaned wrapping both of his hands around either of my pigtails as if they were handlebars.

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  • 22 June 2020
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