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Summary The Late Parade The Late Parade characters Ï eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB review ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ñ Adam Fitzgerald “Fitzgerald’s voice is a new and welcome sound in the aviary of contemporary poetry” David Kirby New York Times Book ReviewThe publication of The Late Parade announced the arrival of one of the most exciting young. There s no doubt that Adam Fitzgerald is possessed of enormous genius Way to go dude You make light work of heavy light A super pleasure with just the right amount of challenge A touch sandpaper and you d be too perfect to bear

Summary The Late Parade

The Late Parade

Summary The Late Parade The Late Parade characters Ï eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB review ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ñ Adam Fitzgerald S confront a surging ocean of sound and language Maureen McLane In these forty eight poems he conducts a madcap symphony of language memory and fantasy with the exhilarating assurance of nonstop invention Timothy Donnelly. In the poets one wordsAssymetrical styles wake up asserting their charma ridged wrist flick of completion So a man leavesa theater dreams aloud his bowtie mate fashioninga virile something or another It begins a rain dropleta sedge something full of oblong blisses remote as dovetails pitter patters mute insideThis is a stylish lyrical freuently nonsensical book of poetry The poems are beautiful and flowing but only a few of them are discernable enough from the wash of nice language to stick in my memory The first poem which I take to be the books thesis is excellent Cathedral To write about one thing you must first write about anotherTo speak of the death of King Charles Vyou must first speak of the ho Chi Minh DynastyTo understand the rotund ministries of say moonlightyou must first be blind and understand fencingAs for me I understand discomfort It fallsin the pinched early blue bow light of dawn I speak often and only erringly about footballracket clubs and the general way of the world You go out for coffee You come back another person This is honest reflective ironic poetry grappling with the intimidating complexity of knowledge Its tight and cohesive it has a little button line I love it Mostly these elements are lost in the rest a process the worst jacket blurb descirbes as Released from the plod of workaday logics and handed over to the flow of their own becoming which is a bullshit sentence describing a terrible notion that making sense is common and banal and poets aspire to a romantic mode of thinking than mere mortals This is why there s a good reason to think poets are assholes Thinking is hard and artists who disdain it probably do so because they don t like hard work rather than that they think it s beneath them But I don t think Fitzgerald necessarily follows that philosophy even though its on his book jacket I could discover an inner logic in many of my favourite of his pieces Phattafacia Stupenda Soviet Pastoral and much of the long form title Poem The Last Parade I ll even grant that there s unifying themes and stories in many of the poems that I simply didn t understand at first reading because Fitzgerald certainly demonstrates a deep and genuine love of English letters that dwarfs my own You see that in stanzas like One spring patio is for rodeosniggled with iodine figures weavedtapestries inside vast TuileriesBut that reminds me how exactlydo words form brittle historiesFrom Last Parade Throughout his dexterity towards form and language are apparent and nothing is jarring or insipid or trite In fact many of the pieces are witty and moving but never enough to overcome the aimless entropic contents

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Summary The Late Parade The Late Parade characters Ï eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB review ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ñ Adam Fitzgerald Poets in America Channeling the primal vision of Hart Crane Harold Bloom Adam Fitzgerald helped welcome the modernist aethetic into the twenty first century Part Technicolor part nitrous oxide Fitzgerald's chimerical poem. This a brilliant book The Map and the title poem shine but it is a book as a whole that demands and will be granted future consideration and enjoymentthe haziness of our walk drawn in precise and clear lines and what s for these timesfor all that Fitzgerald has been compared to Crane or Ashbery and that is fair playmaybe lazy the art never cowers at its influences it fissions off and up and in and out