EBOOK Mischief and Marriage

  • Paperback
  • 192
  • Mischief and Marriage
  • Emma Darcy
  • English
  • 09 June 2020
  • 9780373118151

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Download Ô Mischief and Marriage 100 Summary Mischief and Marriage R To his surprise Harry found he liked the idea of an instant family But he'd need than young William's help to persuade Ashley to trust in love aga. I started a Emma Darcy s Novels marathon last week and ended with five of her books today there are in library but well let s see if I can complete with ARC S by this month Okay so I will start with the names of the five books I read 1 Last Stop Marriage2 Marriage and Mischief3 The Father of her child4 Their wedding day5 Craving JamieI try to be as patient as I can be with the books I read This was written by a renowned author Emma Darcy I expected a lot from this novel As it was a standalone I read it before reading the other four books I read it whenever I got the time but it chagrined me I hoped too much I guess The writing style was brilliant it was the story that made me a bit less focused on the novel I wanted to FINISH it not read it so it became a chore The story did get better with pages though At the end I was engrossed but I would have liked it mu

Summary Mischief and Marriage

Mischief and Marriage

Download Ô Mischief and Marriage 100 Summary Mischief and Marriage When Ashley met Harry Mischief was what Harry Clifton intended when he traveled to Australia in search of an heir Marriage was the last thing on Ash. Nice palate cleansing sorbet after the bad taste left after sick sexual heavy drama of Hearts of Fire series Passion the Past and the bad mommy s of The English Lord s Secret SonBoogenhagen says it all I ll add a hurray for a nice hunky bon vivant hero think Cary Grant or Remington Steele who knows how to go alpha on the ones who deserve it instead of a misunderstood heroine Another big star for William the heroine s son who is than happy to embrace the high life sooner rather than later and shows great promise of amassing his own billionaire tycoon fortune at an early age He is uick to pimp out promote the romance between the H and his own mother as seeing the benefits of a very cool Uncle with a Rolls Royce even if he is just a butler far outweighs negatives4 stars for a refreshing change from the usual sourpuss HP tycoons and the doormats they wipe their

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Download Ô Mischief and Marriage 100 Summary Mischief and Marriage Ley Harcourt's mind when she met HarryBut William Ashley's enterprising young son had other ideas He saw Harry and decided he'd make a perfect fathe. A fun uirky read Others have done excellent reviews so I ll just leave it that I enjoyed thisHowever there were a couple of things that bothered me view spoiler The fact that Harry lied to Ashley was kind of glossed over but I guess her love forgave that and the ghost at the end was a little odd as was the Jekyll Hyde reference hide spoiler