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  • Nevada Barr
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  • 06 November 2019
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Read & Download Flashback µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Er the Civil War Here on this last lick of the United States in a giant crumbling fortress Anna has little company except for an occasional sunburned tourist or unruly shrimper When her sister Molly sends her a packet of letters from her great great aunt who lived at the fort with her husband a career soldier Anna's fantasy life is filled with visions of this long ago timeWhen a mysterious boat explosion and the discovery of un. Nevada Barr is not a good writer As I ve said in other reviews sometimes her sentences are so convoluted so idiomatic with idioms of her own making that no one else has ever come across before that you have to read them three times to understand what her meaning is She also is not good at varying sentence structure About a billion times in every book you ll see the same sentence structure back to back to back which dulls the reading senses and drags the reader into an unpleasant rhythm Barr needs to take some serious writing classes and have serious teachers point out her flaws But this isn t the reason for the one starThe novel runs along parallel tracks alternating chapters tell Anna Pigeon s story in contemporary times as Anna on temporary assignment in a national park close to the Florida Keys tries to figure out why a boat blew up and who was on it and what they were up to She then receives a packet of letters from her sister Molly letters from their great great great aunt Raffia of the Civil War era who coincidentally was stationed at Fort Jefferson in the same national park where Anna is living with her husband The Civil War is over and Raffia s husband is in charge of a regiment of men guarding the prisoners of Fort Jefferson the most famous of whom is Dr Samuel Mudd given life imprisonment for aiding and abetting the assassination of Abraham Lincoln Mudd had set John Wilkes Booth s broken legI usually find historical fiction a hard pill to swallow I also hate the alternating chapters gimmick Inevitably you dislike one story line and enjoy the other which makes half the book dreadful and painstaking Raffia and her family s story and the story of the tenants of Fort Jefferson bored me utterly Then as you can imagine Anna Pigeon starts to hallucinate the characters she is reading about in the letters So as she is wont to do she runs around at night in complete darkness and is terrified to see a woman in white whom she thinks is Raffia Needless to say this is stupid But this is not why I rated the book one star There were enough plot elements just barely in the contemporary setting to warrant two starsIs the one star because Anna Pigeon spends an entire chapter wondering if two old lesbian lighthouse keepers are transgender She looks for signs of a vestigial X chromosome When one lesbian rubs her cheek Anna ponders whether she is checking for five o clock shadow No Barr is kind of an idiot so this is not entirely unexpected coming from her Is the one star because Anna hopes that Cuban Hispanics had the same cultural love of family and children she d noticed in Mexican American women No Again Barr has a screw loose This screw often rattles around in her brain and causes her to place the thoughts of the demented in her characters The one star is for the unbelievable stunning really inexcusable number of typos and errors in the text Does Barr have an editor If so that person should have been fired for letting this book go to press There were dozens of errors I didn t even bother counting I sometimes do because there were so many Words are spelled differently several pages apart sergeant sergent Apostrophes were in the wrong place Apostrophes were inserted in words where they didn t belong Sometimes were was spelled where and vice versa Tolkien is spelled Tolkein We come across the phrase despite his straightened circumstances which of course should be straitened circumstances You expect these kinds of typos from self published crap books You don t expect it from a major publisher What s up with that GP Putnam

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Read & Download Flashback µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Running from a proposal of marriage from Sheriff Paul Davidson Anna Pigeon takes a post as a temporary supervisory ranger on remote Garden Key in Dry Tortugas National Park a small grouping of tiny islands in a natural harbor seventy miles off Key West This island paradise has secrets it would keep; not just in the present but in shadows from its gritty past when it served as a prison for the Lincoln conspirators during and aft. I hadn t listened to a Nevada Barr mystery in a long time but remember them as being pretty good This one was on sale on Audiblecom so I bit and it s narrated by Barbara Rosenblatt who is very goodIt takes place on Tortuga Island off Key West where there s apparently an old Civil War Fort and the National Park Service maintains it Anna is subbing for a supervisor who s gone off the deep end and has been sent some old letters written by an ancestor whose husband was stationed there during the Civil War when it was a Union prison Two mysteries go on side by side one that is told in the letters and one in the present Sounds like an intriguing device but I found myself bored during the reading of the historic letters and disoriented during much of the present day mystery as Anna has been given LSD unknown to her Thus I found myself drifting off to sleep during much of the book and mostly was glad when it was finally over

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Read & Download Flashback µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Identifiable body parts keeps her anchored to the present Anna finds crimes of past and present closing in on her A tangled web that was woven before she arrived begins to threaten her sanity and her life Cut off from the mainland by miles of water poor phone service and sketchy radio contact and aided by one law enforcement ranger Anna must find answers or weather a storm to rival the hurricanes for which the islands are famou. Adding to the usual formula of Anna being sent to National Park this time the Garden Key in Dry Tortugas National Park and finding an adventure this book also had a historical aspect and wove in the story of the incarceration of the Lincoln conspirators The historical plot was a bit better but both stories were pretty interesting and the narration of the audio by Barbara Rosenblat was to her usual high standard