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  • 08 March 2020
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Free read Utopia AUTHOR Lincoln Child ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Fasten your seat belts–the white knuckle thrills at Utopia the world’s most fantastic theme park escalate to nightmare proportions in this intricately imagined techno thriller by New York Times bestselling author Lincoln Child Rising out of the stony canyons of Nevada Utopia is a world on the cutting edge of technology A theme park attracting 65000 visitors each day its dazzling array of robots and futuristic holograms make it a worldwide sensation But ominous mishaps are beginning to disrupt the once flawless technology A friendly robot goes haywire causing panic and a popular roller coaster malfunctions nearly killing a teenaged rider Dr. This book was remarkably dull for being a thriller Within a couple chapters it began to feel like a chore to read it I wasn t into any of the characters from the very start Then I got the audiobook since I needed something to listen to and I listed to the rest of the book until the epilogue Read the epilogue from the actual bookI just never bought into the premise of this book A futuristic amazingly technologically advanced theme park that has turned the amusement park world on its head and is the MOST AMAZING THING EVER And within 6 months of opening it s already entrenched in the world consciousness as the must do attraction of the century That just didn t jive with meIt was also a problem that it was describing all the super technological advances except they all seemed pretty humdrum here in 2014 Not like anything special at all really And it was written before cell phones were ubiuitous so it s got all this amazing technology yet they have to find a walkie talkie or a landline to figure out where the hell anybody is Doesn t work here and nowAnyway I didn t enjoy the story that much It just all seemed almost like a kid s story but with waaaaaaaay too much detail On top of that the narrator on the audiobook had this unbelievably annoying end of sentence lilt he used on several of the characters Drove me nuts And occasionally it came out just in the regular narration which was also annoying

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Free read Utopia AUTHOR Lincoln Child ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB S behind Utopia Warne finds himself thrust into a role he never imagined–trying to save the lives of thousands of innocent people And as the minutes tick away Warne’s struggle to outsmart his opponents grows ever urgent for his only daughter is among the unsuspecting crowds in the parkLincoln Child evokes the technological wonders of Utopia with such skill and precision it is hard to believe the park exists only in the pages of this extraordinary book Like Jurassic Park Utopia sweeps readers into a make believe world of riveting suspense technology and adventureUTOPIA Where technology dazzles–and then turns deadly From the Hardcover editi. took me longer than expected it seems i have hobbies than i care to admithurray for teresa bonifaciop106 a postcard labeled borokay beach philippines was affixed to the inside of the lab doorp419 sitting alone at the rear of the payload compartment john doe had removed one of the countless stacks of currency and was making origami cranes from the contents

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Free read Utopia AUTHOR Lincoln Child ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Andrew Warne the brilliant computer engineer who designed much of the park’s robotics is summoned from the East Coast to get things back on trackOn the day Warne arrives however Utopia is caught in the grip of something far sinister A group of ruthless criminals has infiltrated the park’s computerized infrastructure giving them complete access to all of Utopia’s attractions and systems Their communication begins with a simple and dire warning If their demands are met none of the 65000 people in the park that day will ever know they were there; if not chaos will descend and every man woman and child will become a target As one of the brain. This is only my second novel by Child but I am already a fan of his sleek and compelling techno thrillers Utopia is the most modern and technologically advanced theme park of the world Its rides and attractions use cutting edge technologies such as highly realistic holograms and robots with artificial intelligence When the park is held hostage by a team of ruthless criminals the responsibility of saving the lives of seventy thousand odd guests falls on the shoulders of the robotics professor responsible for developing the park s main computer network I have no idea why Hollywood isn t already drooling over this story which has a delicious premise and is populated with mind blowing futuristic gadgetry