EBOOK or KINDLE (Old Flame New Sparks Harleuin Nascar) Author Day Leclaire

  • Paperback
  • 256
  • Old Flame New Sparks Harleuin Nascar
  • Day Leclaire
  • English
  • 17 April 2018
  • 9780373217793

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Old Flame New Sparks Harleuin Nascar characters ✓ 0 T on a daily make that hourly basis Butthe surprisingly repentant Lucas is unaware he's a dad And Kellieis this close to revealing the truth Unless of course someonewith a vendetta does it first. Old Flame New Sparks by Day LeclaireHarleuin NASCAR Series LibraryKellie Hammond had a secret and she thought it just got buried along with her husband She didn t expect the man she held the secret from to show up and claim that her late husband made a deal with him before he died Suddenly the one man she avoided for the past nineteen years was part of her daily life and sadly she never stopped loving himLucas Bad Boyce had done well as a NASCAR driver In fact he was aiming for his eighth championship win He had no clue why Jinx Hammond wanted to make him a partner with his widow but hopefully he could finally get the woman out of system after all these years After all she was only a gold digger rightSecrets never stay buried and that included Kellie s She thought no one else knew about it but she was wrongvery wrong Kellie is racing to the finish hoping for a win not just for her three car race team either but a win for her hearthttpjustjudysjumblesblogspotcom

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Old Flame New Sparks Harleuin Nascar characters ✓ 0 Er onepassionate night eighteen years ago Kellie never thought she'dsee Lucas again even though she had his sonNow they're working together whether she likes it or not Andthey're feeling the hea. A good one with a racing track premise The hero the OM there is than one actually the hero heroine s love child the heroine s husband are all race car drivers The heroine is the team manager So there is plenty of professional talk apart from family and the luvvvre talk of courseThe hero when he was an upcoming racer sleeps with the boss s daughter But fears recrimination The girl tries to be noble and keeps her pregnancy a secret to save the hero es career So she marries another racing monarch instead who has just had an accident He is ok with giving the baby a name And they live uite happily for 18 long years So really the entire prime age of the heroine s life is spent with the OM not the hero But that between 17 and 35 She gets widowed at 35 and the hero comes back to claim a partnership in the racing businessHe doesn t know the kiddo is his He resents the heroine for dumping a struggling racer and marrying a rich tycoon She doesn t bother correcting his misconceptions The kiddo is a racing starlet now There is also a third racing driver interested in the heroine So there is plenty of action on and off the race fieldThe leads seem to have nothing much going for them except their sexual chemistry He mistakes her at the drop of a hat She doesn t trust him to do the honorable thing for her and her son But the dead husband had a plan He sells one half the business to the hero so that he can get the broken family together againThe kiddo has a small love story of his own going on The leads are DOING it again but not keen on anything official The final showdown comes when everybody gets to know who the real father of the kiddo is A good deal of yelling clearing the air and a hair raising races later all is wellDecent story well researched premise Luke warm relationship between the leads Good support characters 35 stars actually

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Old Flame New Sparks Harleuin Nascar characters ✓ 0 Not only did her late husband leave her ownership of HammondRacing but thanks to his last business deal he's reunited Kellie Hammond withLucas Boyce by making him her star driver The fact is aft. Fast read with good characters